Why is Twin Oaks right for you? There may be several reasons:

--To see friends or meet others. Individuals who live alone will find others to do things with, whether your interest is bingo, arts and crafts, or a good friend to talk to and spend time with.  

Twin Oaks Activity Center provides a meeting place for seniors and disabled individuals who can enjoy conversation, television, movies, playing cards, arts and crafts, therapy, recreation and good company.

--Family respite and flexibility: Twin Oaks Activity Center provides a safe, caring environment for the loved one to allow the family to work and have respite through the day in order to provide care at home at night.

Care Plan: Participant at Twin Oaks will have a Care Plan prepared to provide the best service possible for that individual. We will take in to account the recommendations of your doctor as well as your physical abilities and needs. A program will be prepared based on you as an individual.

Participants range in age from age 18 to 100.

Come spend the day with us: If you are curious about our Activity Center, and many are because this is new to the area, we invite you to come visit for a day or an hour or any period of time you wish. There is no cost to you to visit.